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Our Mission,

Working on successful International whole/retail business as Nzaret Market over a decade on authentic food staffs: spices and coffee were our main areas. ‘Too much homogeneity is sterility and too much diversity is confusion’, that was a memorable quote from a landscape design Prof. And we want to keep the balance and add wine and beer to our business. Thus, we opt to diversify, learn, share and give back to our community in DC Metro Area.

A focus on quality,

We decided to form a branch of our company to identify and sale the highest-quality beer and wine available and provide our customers. We like customers to come taste with us on a weekly basis FREE of charge before making their personal selection. With wines uncorked and ready to pour, you can sample the harvest before your purchase – ensuring ultimate satisfaction purchased with your hard earned money.  We pride ourselves in bringing the best selling brands  you know at the LOWEST PRICES with a high level of customer service you deserve. Our passion, however, is finding small-production handcrafted, locally produced wines and craft beers.


Like most consumers, we were astounded at the price tags of ultra-premium

Wines and beers from all over the world. We wanted to change that work with our customers for better grade wines and beers for everyday use and pay more for medium-high quality ceremonial grades to use for special occasions. We choose to buy only those products that meet our customers’ standard for taste, aroma and flavor.


Learning more and inviting others,

Gradually, we are learning more about the industry mainly from our customers and sales agents: on how it is produced and processed, the distinctions among different grades, how to recognize the best products. We were pleased to note growing awareness of and interest in beer and wine. Craft beers are our area which we like to expand despite the great collections we have.


With an extensive selection of wines, ciders, and beers from around the world, our selection changes daily! Want something specific? If it’s available in Virginia and we can get it, we’ll order it for you!

  • WINE

    We have hundreds of wines from around the world with a focus on small producers, sustainable production, and unique expressions.


    We feature local, regional, national, and import beer with a focus on the unique, interesting, and hard-to-find.


    We focus on local Virginia and Maryland ciders, with a selection of our favorite Normandy, Basque, and American ciders available.

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